Fine Art Paintings and Drawings
Portraits with Extraordinary Details
Perfect Gift Ideas!

Illustration. It is often and widely used in Cartooning, Children's Books, Editorial and Feature Film Animation.

Please visit Lin's Gallery to see the very facinating Illustration works.

Portraiture. Through her portraits, Lin shares with you her great passion and value for life.

Here you can find some of Lin's finest portraits, which truthly expressed the soul, characteristics and feeling of the subjects.

Architecture & Landscape. It covers Commercial/Office design, Retail design, Hospitality design (resorts and hotels), Residential design, Lighting design and Sustainable/Green design.

You will appreciate the extraordinary value and pride revealed by Lin's art works in watercolors.

Art Classes. Small group size, individually tailored program and schedule, essential to the realization of students' utmost potentials.

Emphasize on concept developments, strong drawing skills and painting techniques.

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